8 Low Linen Amulet Socks Gift Box

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Eight pairs of Griffon Socks in one little box. 

Linen fabric has a very long history, which totals about five thousand years. Our flax socks will allow your skin to always breathe. And the charms on them will protect you from all the rage and bring good luck. 

For our socks, we use high quality 100% natural cotton. The production uses high-performance equipment, high-tech and production equipment. This allows us to make you comfortable, durable socks of high quality with a unique design. Due to the size of the "unisex" everyone in his family will find his perfect box. We have full-bodied socks, so choose exactly your size.

Style: unisex, casual
Composition: 80% linen, 15% elastane, 5% polyamide
Washing: 40C
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