Awesome pumpkin carvings

Posted by Valentyn on 26th Oct 2016

Here is a simple way to prepare pumpkin for Halloween. Follow the instructions and you will succeed!

1. Buy a pumpkin that has a good size with little visible damage/marks.

2. Draw a circle around the stem on the top where you want the lid to go. Make it big enough to fit your arm and a scraping tool through (a diameter of about 6 inches is recommended).

3. Cut out the lid. Make sure you do so at an angle (tip of the knife facing the center of the pumpkin) so that the lid doesn't fall into the pumpkin.

4. Use a spoon to clean out the inside of the pumpkin. Scrape away the walls until they're about an inch thick. There should be no seeds or pumpkin strings left.

5. Wipe down inside with some kitchen roll. Leave to dry overnight if desired.

6. Select or draw a pattern

Thinner bits will be harder to cut out.

Pick one that suits the size of the pumpkin. Use a washable marker to draw the pattern directly onto the pumpkin.

7. Carve the pumpkin

Start by getting a pin or thin poking device like a screwdriver. Make small dots in the pumpkin all around the edges of the shape you're going to cut out. Keep them close together.

8. Once you've gone all the way round, push the shape out and carefully run your knife around the edge again to neaten the cut up.

Repeat for each shape.

9. Decorate further if desired. The candle inside will make it more horrible at night.

Impress all with the unique pumpkin for Halloween! All you need is to download, print and cut out a stencil you like! Apply it to the pumpkin, circle with pencil and engrave the lines! You’ll get the original pumpkin easy and simple)