Halloween makeup ideas

Posted by Valentyn Prikid.eu on 26th Oct 2016

If you want to show up to the party on October 31st with a truly impressive costume(http://prikid.eu/halloween/), try your hand at a beautiful, eerie or flat-out scary Halloween look.

Here we can help you step by step to make yourself a part of this scary holiday!

Halloween How-To : Zombie!

Let’s face it – the Halloween parties are full of vampires and ghosts, but you don’t really see many good-looking zombies on there. Bring flesh eating back by dressing up as a super disgusting and realistic zombie. Let’s introduce some realistic blood, decaying skin, and possessed eyes that are worthy enough of bringing in some shivers. Check out this step-by-step tutorial for learning to create a sultry zombie makeup look that’s easy and quick.

Halloween How-To: Skeleton!

Instead of going with the usual route of fancy clothing and streetwalker makeup, why not try opting for something exceptionally spooky this year? Take a glance at this Halloween makeup tutorial to see how you can pull off an incredible skeleton skull makeup look. With a grungy skull painted on the face having dark bold eye holes and scary teeth, this is one makeup look is something that will have people noticing your costume.


Halloween is the best time to overdo the dark eyeliner and eye shadow.

For an even more dramatic effect, add some smears of black or dark brown eye shadow under your eyes. Some intense looks call for lines of eye shadow that are meant to look like lines from mascara after you have been crying or after you have been caught in a downpour. This causes a very dramatic and eye-catching effect. This is the time to really over do the eyeliner on both the top and bottom of the eye. Take the eye shadow all the way up to your eyebrow and keep it dark the whole way from the lash line across the entire lid. The sunken eye look is also popular for Halloween; it can be achieved by blending several shades of dark purple together above and below the eye to resemble a lack of blood flow or a black eye.

Also, do not forget about your lovely men and kids!

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