Boston Terrier Face T-Shirt

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  • 100% cotton, hand-dyed using water based inks

  • Prewashed, Preshrunk

  • The screen printed image is set against mottle tie-dyed fabric.

  • Reinforced double stitching on all seams.

  • Relaxed loose fit.


Hey, I'm The Mountain's Big Face Boston Terrier Adult T-Shirt, and I got somethin' to say to all yous wise guys. Everyone's always makin' fun of us for pahkin' our cahs in the havad yahd, or bahkin' a little to loud over the Sox losin' a game or two. But let me tell you what's what. You show me a loud south terrier and I'll show you a dog that's got a lot of fahkin' haht. You bet I cried into my water dish when the Bruins lost game 6 to the Blackhacks for the 2013 Stanley. Why? Because I fahkin love this city. Full of undahdogs and fightahs. Oh, are you an undahdog too? Then put me on, ya fahkin' animal! Welcome to the club! I'm medium-weight 100% cotton and preshrunk so you ain't nevah gotta stop fighting'! How do yous like dem apples?