SpiritHoods Panda

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Balance - Solitude - Strength

Do you have the Panda Spirit? If you do you're probably a great cuddler. Panda Bears are affectionate, thoughtful, and caring. Often times preferring relaxation to an overly social life. People with the Panda Spirit are strong, independent, and proudly unique creatures.

  • The only Original SpiritHood®, because everyone loves authenticity
  • All Original SpiritHoods have logo in the paw! 
  • 100% plush faux fur (100% acrylic), why look anything but amazing?
  • Custom logo button to keep your hood on while extreme adventuring.
  • Pawkets (Get it? Get it?), so you can keep your hands warm, stash whatever you need and prowl.
  • Secret zip pocket so you can hide your cash, credit cards, phone or whatever else you don’t want people to find.
  • Long sleeves that can be turned into a scarf for warmth.
  • Hand wash cold and air dry only
  • One size fits all. 67,3 cm.(26.5") inner cap size, 63,5 cm.(25") scarf length.
  • Hand made in the USA
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