SpiritHoods Snow Leopard

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SpiritHoods Snow Leopard

Silent - Mindful - Independent

The graceful and rare Snow Leopard has a presence unlike any other. Snow Leopards are solitary animals that still love to play. Always attentive and aware in their surroundings, people with the snow leopard spirit tend to be empathic and wise.
  • The only Original SpiritHood®, because everyone loves authenticity
  • All Original SpiritHoods have logo in the paw! 
  • 100% plush faux fur (100% acrylic), why look anything but amazing?
  • Custom logo button to keep your hood on while extreme adventuring.
  • Pawkets (Get it? Get it?), so you can keep your hands warm, stash whatever you need and prowl.
  • Secret zip pocket so you can hide your cash, credit cards, phone or whatever else you don’t want people to find.
  • Long sleeves that can be turned into a scarf for warmth.
  • Hand wash cold and air dry only
  • One size fits all. 67,3 cm.(26.5") inner cap size, 63,5 cm.(25") scarf length.
  • Hand made in the USA