Woman's Ukranian Vyshyvanka, Model #105

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Woman's Ukranian Vyshyvanka, Model #105


Vyshyvanka - is the name of Ukrainian traditional costume. It may be shirt, blouse, jacket or dress, decorated with embroidery.


Fabric: pure white linen
Embroidery: machine embroidered cross-stitch
Number of colors: 2
Thread: cotton

Luxuriant embroidered women’s shirt in traditional black-red scheme. Machine embroidered crosses on the chest, sleeves. Also the front of the belt and the hemline are embroidered too. Sleeves volume is adjusted with strings. Construction with other cut and in color spectrum on your taste is possible.

Each vyshyvanka is made individually for your order, so please specify the following measurements:

How to measure

Height: stand with your feet close together. Measure from the crown of the head to the toe.

Neck: measure around the foot of the neck.

Chest: hold tape lightly and measure across fullest part of the chest, under arm and straight across the back.

Waist: stand with your stomach in natural position; do not tuck in your stomach. Position the tape around the natural waist line (directly over the ribbon). Measure firm but not tight around the natural waistline and leave one finger under the tape so you can breathe in your dress.

Hips: stand with your feet close together. Measure around the widest part of the hip line.

Sleeve length: with arm relaxed at your sides and slightly bent, measure from Center back neck, over shoulder point, down the outside of the arm to the wrist.

Apparel length measurement: for apparel length, measure from shoulder (near the side of the neck) down the front of the body (over the breast) and all the way down to hem of the dress.

Women's Clothing (long length sleeve)
cm in cm in cm in cm in cm in cm in
Neck 34 13,4 36 14,2 37 14,6 38 15 39 15,4 41 16,1
Chest 82-87 32-34 88-93 35-37 94-99 37-39 100-105 39-41 106-113 42-44 114-122 45-48
Waist 58-64 23-25 65-72 25-28 73-79 29-31 80-85 31-33 86-90 33-35 91-97 36-38
Hips 86-92 34-36 93-97 36-38 98-105 39-41 106-111 42-44 112-118 44-46 119-126 47-49
Sleeve length 59 23,2 59 23,2 60 23,6 61 24 62 24,4 63 24,8
Apparel length 60 23,6 62 24,4 63 24,8 64 25,2 66 26 70 27,6